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Is your business searching for a manufacturer of high quality plastic mould?

R&D Mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer provide high quality plastic injection mould such as commodity mould, furniture mould, packaging mould, auto parts mould, pipe fitting mould, home appliance mould ... R&D Mould have made plastic molding tools and injection moulds for companies in Russia,America, Europe, Asia and South America.  

With over 10 years experience in plastic mould design and a deep understanding of the desires of plastic parts industry. R&D Mould deliver fresh thinking plastic mould to help you meet the demands of 21st century clients.

crate mould
Crate mould Food container mould Thin wall mould Battery box mould Electric parts mould
plastic crate food container electric parts
Plastic crate Food container Thin wall container Battery box mould Electric parts
5 gallon cap mould baby use mould wallboard mould
5 gallon cap mould Baby use mould paint bucket mould Sled mould Wallboard mould
Long history
10 years experienced in plastic mould industry
High quality
Precision NC machines are widely used in each step of mold manufacturing
Short delivery
Mature technology, high test mould success rate
Long mould life
Normal mould life is over 500000shots
Wonderful team
Professional Production team, design team, Qc team, sales team
Advanced equipment
High speed & precision machines.including CNC machine,EDM machine, engraving machine...
Abundant products
Full product lines for plastic injection mould
Good service
One year free of service after mould shipping to cutomer's workshop
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