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  • 3000m²
    Production Space
  • 170-470 tons
    Injection Molding, Machine
  • 20+
    Mold Engineer
  • 50+
    Exporting Country

R & D Mould Co., Ltd.

We were established in 2008. The company is the manufacturer of injection moulding and blow molding moulds for various purposes (hereinafter referred to as moulds). We Provide the best technology, price and quality. We provide our customers with:
-Plastic Product Design (3D)
-Prototyping, PET preforming
-Preparation of design documents (2D, 3D)
-Mould manufacturing and delivery

We specialize in the production of moulds for plastic parts in a variety of applications:
● Household products
● Automobile industry
● Containers and packaging
● Medical technology
● Pipe fittings and construction

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Our Mission

We believe that quality is the foundation of long-term business cooperation.

We use the international CAD/CAM/CAE design and processing integrated system to analyze all modern trends and developments in the field of injection molding and take advantage of them in their projects. We also strictly abide by the principles of ISO9000:2000 quality system. Every employee of R & D Mould Co., Ltd. is important to the preservation and development of the company because it emphasizes employees as the foundation and primary responsibility in management. Continuous improvement, quality first - this is the goal of R & D mould Co., Ltd. Our company is ready to work together with your enterprise to develop high quality moulds and provide excellent service.

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