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Dustbin Mould

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and garbage classification, plastic dustbin Molds have widely markets. R&D Mould have 18 year experience on manufacturing Dustbin mold, Trash can Mould, Garbage bin mould, foot-operated trash can molds with various shape and sizes. Apply to household, outdoor, transportation industries.

For Dustbin Mold design and manufacture, here are some technical point:
Core cavity material usually: Pre-hardening steel: P20 (1.2311)
Mould base: Long Kee standard mold base
Mould Components: DME/ HASCO standard parts.
Surface treatment: According to product requirements, including skin texture, polishing
Runner options: 1. Cold runner; 2. Hot runner; 3. Cold runner + hot runner

Anyone with mold experience knows how important water cooling is to a trash can mold. Due to the price increase in raw materials and workers' wages, in mass production, the profit brought by every one second of time reduction is unimaginable, but speeding up the production cycle will also lead to an increase in mold temperature. If it is not effectively controlled If the mold is too hot, it will not be able to be formed, and even the mold will be deformed and fail to be scrapped. Therefore, R&D Mould engineer make good cooling design, including the arrangement density, diameter and so on of the waterway.

Dustbin Mould Manufacturers

Taizhou Huangyan R&D Plastic Mould Co., Ltd specialize in the production of Dustbin Mould in a variety of application. We also custom Dustbin Mould via our advanced factory.

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