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Nowadays people's consumption concept and consumption behavior have undergone great changes. Consumers not only pay attention to the taste and health of products, but also the novelty and package. The outer  packaging is one of the key factors that determine whether they are willing to buy or not.

In-mold labeling (IML), as a new label packaging form, has begun to be applied in a large scale,including packaging containers, plastic thin-wall containers, etc.

To do a good job in IML mould, the company's scale of equipment and the  mould designer’s experience are essential.As thin-wall mould labeling needs high-speed, high-precision production, the strength of the mould and the cooling system is very important, and the polishing should be excellent.

The biggest challenge for the IML mould design is the location of the gate, which also affects automation and label placement. This is very important because the material must enter and flow into the cavity and approach the label in a specific way to achieve high quality.

Adequate understanding of how plastic melt affects the label is necessary. The goal is to make the material flow evenly between the cavities and contact the label evenly. Poor gate placement will result in the label being pushed away from the correct position or even worse, the material flowing under the label.

With more than 15 years’ IML mould making experience, R&D Mould will offer you the best design for reasonable arrangement of gate and the best cooling. We guarantee you competitive price, high quality and prompt delivery.

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