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Baby Use Mould

Injection molding is a method to producing Plastic Baby use products. Baby toys mould usually use rubber or plastic raw material. R&D Mould is specialize in design and manufacture Baby use moulds, Toys mould, bathtub mould,  child closestool mould, Baby Walker Mold,  baby chair mould...

Children's delicate skin is easy to get hurt, we must pay attention to the following points during Baby use mould manufacturing:

1. The surface of baby use products and baby toys must be sufficiently smooth.Therefore baby use mold need mirror polish.  

2. Avoid blasting during mold processing and no Burrs and Flash be acceptable. The inject gate and ejector pin area where children can reach must be smooth.

3. Baby use products need to ensure the strength, especially children's chairs, children's toilets, mould samples need to do strength testing to make sure it can not be easily broken, we can achieve this by increasing the wall thickness and ribs on the baby use mold.

If you have new projects for children's toys mould, we can do product/mould design according to your sample or drawing. 

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