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R & D MOULD engineers use modern technology design tools and technological software from world leading manufacturers, such as CAD, CAE, CAM, each of which makes it possible to carry out:

To get started on Plastic Injection Mould project,
clients need to provide product information in
any of the following options:

- Product sample;
- 2D drawings in electronic form (possible formats DWG; DXF, SLDDRW), or on paper carrier;
- 3D models in STEP, Parasolid, IGES or others format.

CAD / CAE. Product design and analysis

After obtaining product information, engineers proceed with the following steps:
- If there is a sample of the product, 3D-scanned, point clouds and building a 3D model of the product;
- In the presence of 2D drawings, the task is simplified and comes down to building a 3D model according to drawing.

3D model Technological study:

The parting line is determined on the casting (original 3D model), including for elements decorated with movable inserts (signs); Injection slopes located in the direction of the parting of the mold and the movement of the moving signs,For easy removing part from the mold. A significant increase in angles requires surfaces that have a non-smooth texture (shagreen); Considering the shrinkage of the Plastic raw material, an adjustment is made (increase) all dimensions of the original 3D model by the amount (coefficient) of shrinkage.

CAE. mold Engineering analysis and mould design:

In the mean time of develop the mold design, Designers carry out a computer analysis of the following parameters:
- checking the adequacy of the angles on surfaces of the 3D model, especially on textured and embossed surfaces;
- checking the permissible wall thickness of the product;
- determination of the sprue type, injection points and analysis of product spillage;
- determination of the mold cooling scheme and analysis of its efficiency;
- determination of possible places of accumulation of air in the cavities of the forming parts (FOD) and ensuring its release.
- analysis of filling with plastic

3D mold drawing will be send to client for approval. And Mold 2D drawing made in DWG format can be provide according to client’s request.

Together with the mold, we are ready to provide the following document:
- Mould assembly drawing
- Control schemes:electrical control circuit, hydraulic control circuit, pneumatic control circuit, kinematic control circuit, cooling system diagram and pressure test results, hot runner diagram (with catalog numbers)
- certificates for steel used in the manufacture
- hardness chart for original tooling parts
- the result of calculating "Мold Flow"

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