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Storage Box Mould

R&D Mould is a professional mould manufacturer of storage box mould, the plastic material of storage box is PP, PE and ABS. We can accord to customer's original sample or sketch make product design, during the product design,we will consider the nesting and stacking, to ensure everything is OK, then make mould design.

Normal storage box we make is with and without wheels, some is interchangeable insert for the wheels. This can make more options for customer. Of course, we also make some special design which customer provide us, like side open door, irregular shape...

When our design department start a project, we will make mold flow analysis first,  then make design. For storage box many customers will make transparent production. So the defects in product is very fatal. Like air bubble, this is very common problem, but not so easy to adjust by machine. Therefore, when we make design, we will check carefully for this, the air venting design is so important, or the air venting will cause many problems to the production. Venting must be adequate for fast filling speed. Fast filling will show all tool defects in regards to parting lines, shut off surfaces, venting, high shear areas (gates).

R&D Mould believes that "Details Determine Quality" and "Service Wins Over Customers". We are ready to collaborate with domestic and international customers, offer our best mould to you.

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