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As for plastic packaging, lots of matter occurs in our brain, e.g. Cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging. There is no doubt that plastic packaging and people's life are related closely.

R&D Mould is a famous plastic packaging mould specialist in China. Cosmetic packaging mould, pharmaceutical packaging mould, food packaging etc., these moulds are our main business line.

R&D package moulds have the following features:
-high grade steel,  like Sweden S136, German 2316, H13, the hardness can achieve 45~50 after heating treatment.
-Each cavity self-locks to ensure low decent ration and precision of part.
-Optimal cooling system to achieve fast cycle time.
-Long mould life.
-Prototyping can be provided.

Through years of effort, we have opened lots of abroad markets. And the main market are Russia, Australia, Mexico, Middle-East, South America, Southeast Asia and Tunisia. If you trust us, and give us the mould project. We will have a confidence to make unexpected quality mould for you.

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