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R&D Mould is a leading supplier for electronic parts, OEM Plastic Mould, OEM electronic parts, electronic injection mold parts, electronic plastic parts, making all kinds of electronics mold and electronics item mold, home electronics mold in China. R&D Mould's services include prototyping, tooling, lab testing, production and assembly.

We have been in the business of manufacturing plastic molds since2008, accumulating valuable experience and expertise over all these years. Our team of well-trained designers and engineers bring years of experience to the table and can turn all your designs to reality.

Various devices such as meters, industrial test equipment, sensors, etc. are integral to the electronic industry. Manufacturers of these parts require highly accurate and accommodative parts that show high tolerance level and dimensional stability even in the most laborious applications.

To meet such demands, components made from various injection molding techniques such as insert molding, micro molding, miniature molding, and over molding, etc. are needed.

Electronic devices and parts are meant for long term use and thus the quality of components that are used in the manufacturing process ought to be of the highest level. We at R&D Mould put emphasis on superior quality and satisfactory results. Once you turn to us for your designing and prototyping needs, you can be assured of excellence and perfection.

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