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R & D Mould Co., Ltd.

The company is the

Plastic Injection mould and Blow Mould manufacturers, factory in China

, we make type of injection moulding and blow molding moulds for various purposes (hereinafter referred to as moulds). We are also We Provide the best technology, price and quality. We provide our customers with:
  • -Plastic Product Design (3D)

  • -Prototyping

  • -Preparation of design documents (2D, 3D)

  • -Mould manufacturing and delivery

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Rich Experience, Excellent Quality Competitive Price, Professional Team.

Nov 27.2023

The Versatility and Advantages of Plastic Drawer Molds

The Role of Plastic Drawer Molds:Plastic drawer molds play a crucial role in the mass production of plastic drawers. These molds are precision-engineered to cre...

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Nov 24.2023

The Science and Art Behind Plastic Drawer Molds: Crafting Functional and Aesthetic Storage Solutions

Plastic drawer molds play a pivotal role in our daily lives, even though we may not often give them a second thought. These molds are the invisible architects b...

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Nov 17.2023

The Craftsmanship Behind Plastic Drawer Molds

Plastic drawer molds are the heart and soul of the manufacturing process for these everyday items. They play a crucial role in shaping and defining the final pr...

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Nov 07.2023

Crafting Convenience: The Ingenious Process of Plastic Drawer Mold Manufacturing

The Art of Plastic Drawer Mold ProductionMold Design: The journey of a plastic drawer mold begins with meticulous design. Experienced engineers create detailed ...

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