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Most of the common plastic knives, forks and spoons in our life are made by  PP and PS materials. It is widely used in aviation, daily necessities, or military products.

R&D Mould has more than 15 years’ experience for making knife, fork and spoon mould. We provide one-stop service for our customers.

To do a knife, fork or spoon mould, first of all we need to know the customer's output to determine the cavity of the mould, and then to decide the mould arrangement accordingly.

Then to consider whether to use cold runner, hot runner or semi-hot runner. As for the full hot runner, it is expensive yet less waste for the plastic material .For semi-hot runner, the price is affordable and relatively more wasteful .For cold runner,it is cheap yet it is the most wasteful for the plastic material .We will choose the best plan according to customer’s demand.

Next comes to the choice of steel. As the knife, fork and spoon mould is required to run at high speed, the steel we choose must ensure that the mould can run at high speed. Usually we choose H13, S136, 2344 steel, which can ensure the high-speed operation of the mould.

The processing for knife, fork and spoon mould including rough milling, semi-finishing, high-speed milling , parting, high-speed carving , polishing and clamping.

All mould will undergo strict inspection and at least two hours continuous operation before the shipment, which greatly ensure the high quality of the mould.

If you need to do the knife, fork or spoon mould, pls don’t hesitate to contact us!

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