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  • Household Mould

    R&D Mould is a professional mould maker for commodity mould designing and manufacturing.
    In the past decades of work, we have a better understanding of how to make a commodity mould. Compared with industrial moulds or auto parts moulds, the output of commodity moulds is huge. Therefore, how to design and make a high production efficiency and beautiful product appearance moulds are extremely important.

    Regarding the mould design:

    1. We will accord the product material ,shape ,wall thickness ,cavity numbers to make mold-flow analysis ,check where have the defects, then improve the product.

    2. We will base on customer provide technical sheet ,have a technical meeting and discuss:
    How to make the mould layout;
    How to design the cooling system to achieve uniform and rapid cooling effect;
    What kind of steel and standard parts will use, especially for the slider, eject block, angle lift and other movement part;
    For the mould with large output, we will choose copper graphite guide sleeve, good guidance system, which is conducive to the long-term production of products without eccentricity, and the parting line is consistent.

    3. When we make manufacturing, we will choose deep gun machine to drill the holes, and high speed CNC machine to make the tooling, to ensure all the element are within tooling tolerance.   

    4. For the part appearance finish, hand polish is too important to ensure the mould surface long-time shining.

    5. We will refer to the normal production requirements of all molds, do 2 hours of non-stop production.

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  • Package Mould

    As for plastic packaging, lots of matter occurs in our brain, e.g. Cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging. There is no doubt that plastic packaging and people's life are related closely.

    R&D Mould is a famous plastic packaging mould specialist in China. Cosmetic packaging mould, pharmaceutical packaging mould, food packaging etc., these moulds are our main business line.

    R&D package moulds have the following features:
    -high grade steel,  like Sweden S136, German 2316, H13, the hardness can achieve 45~50 after heating treatment.
    -Each cavity self-locks to ensure low decent ration and precision of part.
    -Optimal cooling system to achieve fast cycle time.
    -Long mould life.
    -Prototyping can be provided.

    Through years of effort, we have opened lots of abroad markets. And the main market are Russia, Australia, Mexico, Middle-East, South America, Southeast Asia and Tunisia. If you trust us, and give us the mould project. We will have a confidence to make unexpected quality mould for you.

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  • Kitchenware Mould

    When you go around kitchenware area of the supermarket, different kinds and colorful plastic kitchen products attracts your attention. Lots people buy them because of light weight and decoration function. So many plastic products factories focus on developing kitchenware mould because they realize kitchen ware is a good market.

    For plastic kitchenware mould, R&D Mould have a team of rich experienced tooling engineers, a team of professional part and mould design expert, a team of well communicated sales specialist. What’s more, we pay more attention to after sales. When our customers face any problems during the mould running on their own factory, we will reply and provide technical support soon.

    R&D Mould have made lots of kitchenware mould for our client, such as bowl mould, Basin Mould, cutting board mould, cup mould, water spoon mould, darin basket mould etc. Although the structure of mould is simple, it requires very well polish on final products and some require to do the texture on the surface.

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  • Crate Mould

    R&D Mould is a leading plastic crate mould manufacturer in China, supply various dimension and type crate mould. With the characteristics  of smooth surface, durable, good loading capacity, long service life of 5-8 years.

    Plastic crate molds classification
    l  Collapsible crate mould
    l  Bottle crate mould
    l  Bread crate mould
    l  Vegetable crate mould
    l  Fish crate mould
    l  Milk crate mould
    l  Industrial crate mould

    Crate molds technical point
    1. choose the correct steel for mould base and mould core & cavity steel. Control the hardness of each piece of steel material, it can't be too hard.
    2. The moving area and guiding system of plastic crate mold must be processed by high precise machine . Any hand working is not acceptable.
    3. Plastic crate mold exhaust system at the handle area is a very important.
    subject, because when move the loaded crate, the handles area is the biggest force focused. If mold exhaust system at the handle area is not good, it will leave a visible weld, the product is very easy to damage from this point.

    Plastic crate mould is widely used in storage, assemble, transport. Saving cost, improving efficiency, convenient and easy clean. If you have any interesting , pls feel free to contact. 

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  • Electronic Part Mould

    R&D Mould is a leading supplier for electronic parts, OEM Plastic Mould, OEM electronic parts, electronic injection mold parts, electronic plastic parts, making all kinds of electronics mold and electronics item mold, home electronics mold in China. R&D Mould's services include prototyping, tooling, lab testing, production and assembly.

    We have been in the business of manufacturing plastic molds since2008, accumulating valuable experience and expertise over all these years. Our team of well-trained designers and engineers bring years of experience to the table and can turn all your designs to reality.

    Various devices such as meters, industrial test equipment, sensors, etc. are integral to the electronic industry. Manufacturers of these parts require highly accurate and accommodative parts that show high tolerance level and dimensional stability even in the most laborious applications.

    To meet such demands, components made from various injection molding techniques such as insert molding, micro molding, miniature molding, and over molding, etc. are needed.

    Electronic devices and parts are meant for long term use and thus the quality of components that are used in the manufacturing process ought to be of the highest level. We at R&D Mould put emphasis on superior quality and satisfactory results. Once you turn to us for your designing and prototyping needs, you can be assured of excellence and perfection.

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  • Industrial Mould

    Plastic injection moulds are widely used in Industrial area.Compared with metal, stone and wood, plastic industrial products have the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity, and are widely used in the national economy. Plastic industrial products occupy a very important position in the world today. Over the years, the production of plastic products has developed at a high speed around the world.

    Mould is an important equipment in industrial production. Mould industry is one of the important foundations of the development of various departments of national economy.

    The level of mould design, the quality of processing equipment, the strength of the manufacturing capacity, the quality of mould, directly affect the development of many new products and the replacement of old products and have effect on the improvement of product quality and economic benefits. American industry believes that "mould industry is the foundation of American industry", while Japan says "mould is the labor force that promotes social prosperity".

    A good plastic mould depends on good mould design, qualified mould materials and skilled mould manufacturing.

    R&D Mould has more than 15 years'experience for making industrial moulds. We provide you excellent design and manufature with competitive price.We also provide perfect after-sales service so that you have no worries.

    Welcome to contact us for any industial mould enquiry!

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  • SMC BMC Mould

    The compression molding process is to put a certain amount of preheated molding material into the preheated mold, and apply a higher pressure to fill molding material into the mold cavity. Under predetermined temperature conditions, the molding material is gradually solidified, then take out SMC product from the mold, do auxiliary processing to obtain the final product. We are advanced Manufacturer of BMC/GMT/SMC Mould.

    The material which placed into open mould are normally BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) ,SMC (Sheet molding compound)etc . We always refer this type of compression mould to SMC mould, BMC mould.

    For SMC Mold, Molding temperature and molding pressure affect the quality of SMC products, need to Comprehensive consideration of various influencing factors to determine the best machine parameters.

    SMC Mold advantage
    1.Since there is no pouring system, raw materials loss is small.
    2.The pressure of the plastic material in the cavity is relatively uniform, the flow distance generated by the pressure is short, deformation small, and the flow is multi-directional. Therefore, the internal stress of the product is very low to remain its shape.
    3. It is especially suitable for forming thin-walled products that cannot be warped, and can form larger flat makeup and pot-shaped products.

    SMC Mold application
    1.SMC integral residence
    2.SMC seat
    3.SMC Manhole Cover
    4. SMC Auto parts(Bumper, car seat, front grille...)

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  • Construction Mould

    Construction molds are widely used in Building construction, interior decoration, engineering projects, etc. Including Brush Handle Mould, Ink Tray Mould, Dowel Mould, Tile leveling Mould , Roller Mould.

    Our quality standards of Construction mould is synchronous with Europe and unite states. Adopt imported steel materials and famous brand Accessories. Using high precision, good condition machine equipment for processing.

    Plastic injection mould design service:
    We have more than 10 designers, contains 3D product design, 3D mould design, 2D design and so on.

    Plastic mould manufacturing service:
    We have more than 10 years experience in mould processing, mould export.

    Plastic injection molding service:
    In order to better serve our customers, we expand our plant area, increase machine equipment so that we can according to the customer request for mould manufacturing in the first place.

    If you have any demand of Building material Moulds, Construction mould, welcome to contact us.

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  • Furniture Mould

    R&D Mould company has 16 years experience in manufacturing Plastic Furniture Molds. The molds we have produced include rattan chair molds, beach chair molds, table molds, armrest/armless chair molds, dining chair molds, outdoor furniture molds, etc.,  The moulds have advantage on the short cycle,  high production efficiency , long mould life. It is a good choice for your mass production.

    R&D Mould has good technical experience in chair mold design and production. The water line of the mold is good, and the direction is consistent with the shape of the chair. There are separate water channels on the inserts, which can shorten the cycle time of the mold. In the same chair mold, interchangeable inserts can be used to produce different chair backrests, which improves the production utilization of chair molds and reduces costs.

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