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The compression molding process is to put a certain amount of preheated molding material into the preheated mold, and apply a higher pressure to fill molding material into the mold cavity. Under predetermined temperature conditions, the molding material is gradually solidified, then take out SMC product from the mold, do auxiliary processing to obtain the final product.

The material which placed into open mould are normally BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) ,SMC (Sheet molding compound)etc . we always refer this type of compression mould to SMC mould, BMC mould.

For SMC Mold, Molding temperature and molding pressure affect the quality of SMC products, need to Comprehensive consideration of various influencing factors to determine the best machine parameters.

SMC Mold advantage
1.Since there is no pouring system, raw materials loss is small.
2.The pressure of the plastic material in the cavity is relatively uniform, the flow distance generated by the pressure is short, deformation small, and the flow is multi-directional. Therefore, the internal stress of the product is very low to remain its shape.
3. It is especially suitable for forming thin-walled products that cannot be warped, and can form larger flat makeup and pot-shaped products.

SMC Mold application
1.SMC integral residence
2.SMC seat
3.SMC Manhole Cover
4. SMC Auto parts(Bumper, car seat, front grille...)

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