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Kitchenware Mould

When you go around kitchenware area of the supermarket, different kinds and colorful plastic kitchen products attracts your attention. Lots people buy them because of light weight and decoration function. So many plastic products factories focus on developing kitchenware mould because they realize kitchen ware is a good market.

For plastic kitchenware mould, R&D Mould have a team of rich experienced tooling engineers, a team of professional part and mould design expert, a team of well communicated sales specialist. What’s more, we pay more attention to after sales. When our customers face any problems during the mould running on their own factory, we will reply and provide technical support soon.

R&D Mould have made lots of kitchenware mould for our client, such as bowl mould, Basin Mould, cutting board mould, cup mould, water spoon mould, darin basket mould etc. Although the structure of mould is simple, it requires very well polish on final products and some require to do the texture on the surface.

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