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Plastic Round Table Mould

Posted by Admin | 17 Mar
R&D Mould is China famous plastic injection mould manufacturer, have rich experience in plastic table mould. Every year we offer 30-50 sets of table moulds to our oversea market. Such like round table mould, assemble table mould.
Plastic table are widely used in family and outdoor activity especially assemble table because of its handiness, strong and durable, easy to clean. it has table mats or plugs. the legs can be dispatched to the back of table when the table is out of use. While you want to use it, you can assemble the table legs again.
When making table mould, we usually choose PP as the raw material. It can make table hard, resilient but not crisp. And we suggest clients to use 718H as mould steel, which can save the investment and meet mass production. Generally the delivery time of plastic table mould is 60 days, we will take the mold test to ensure the quality before shipment.
If you are interested in making plastic table mould in China, please kindly contact us.

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