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  • Fruit Box Mould
  • Fruit Box Mould
  • Fruit Box Mould
  • Fruit Box Mould
  • Fruit Box Mould
  • Fruit Box Mould

Fruit Box Mould

Mold Name Fruit Box Mould
Plastic Material PP Recycled 
Mold Cavity/Core Steel H13
Runner /Gate System Hot Runner
Manufacture Time (Day) 50 Days
Mold Life 1 Million Shots
Machine Size 300 Ton
Demolding Full Automatic
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  • Fruit Box Mould
    R&D Mould is a leading plastic crate mould manufacturer in China, supplying various crate mould. With the characteristics of smooth surface, durable, good loading capacity and  long service life of 5-8 years.
    Molds Technical Point
    1. Choose the correct steel for mould base and mould core & cavity steel. Control the hardness of each piece of steel material, it can't be too hard.
    2. The moving area and guiding system of plastic crate mold must be processed by high precise machine. Any hand working is not acceptable.
    3. Plastic crate mould exhaust system at the handle area is a very important subject, because when move the loaded crate, the handles area is the biggest force focused. If mould exhaust system at the handle area is not good, it will leave a visible weld, the product is very easy to damage from this point.
    If you are interested, pls feel free to contact. 
    1. Complete processing equipment
    2. Experienced mould designer and engineers
    3. Hign strength of the mould 
    4. Best cooling
    5. Excellent polishing 
    6. Excellent after-sale service
    7. Effective communication 
    8. Promot delivery 
    9. Competitive mould price
    Mould Packaging Details
    1. Outside package: standard export wooden case;
    2. Inner package: we spread anti-corrosive oil on the surface of the mould and then cover with plastic waterproof film.
    3. Spare parts together with the mould shipment.

Fruit Box Mould Maker, Foundry in China

  • CNC machining:

    After receiving UP from the programmer, the CNC operator performs the following operations:
    - Select suitable UP steel, as well as copper or graphite (electrode) billets for molding parts in the warehouse;
    - Set the workpiece on the NC table, display "0" and input the original data;
    - Load the required program into the machine and check all future details:
    Mould number, part number or copper electrode number (per part)
  • Electric pulse machining:

    The electrodes are sent from the inspection site to the polishing section, and then to the electric pulse processing section.
    The operator mounts the workpiece on an electric pulse machine,
    Set "0" and enter processing and setup procedures as needed
    Requirements: Avoid carbon deposition during electric pulse machining
    Fluid flow must be controlled. If necessary, during the process to check parts dimensions by using measuring tools or probes.
  • EDM:

    Machining various types of base, inserts, gaps, holes, forming tools in the EDM area. All these operations are carried out in accordance with the technical requirements of the drawings and continuous quality control.
  • Mould finishing and assembly:

    In the finishing assembly site, mold manufacturing process is completed. The mould worker carries on the fine processing and assembling for the mould forming parts, and prepares the mould for test. The qualifications of mould workers determine the quality of mould manufacturing and are mainly responsible for the reputation of the company. After all the processing, the production of the injection mould can be considered completed. Fruit Box Injection Mould making is a high-tech processing. OEM/ODM optional.

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