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Trowel Mould

Product Name Trowel Mould 
Product Material PP
Mould Material P20
Mould Cavity 2
Runner Type Cold Runner Sub Gate
Mould Life Guarantee 300,000 Shots
Manufacture Time (Day) 45 Days  50 Days  
Demolding Full Automatic
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  • R&D Mould have 18 year experience on manufacturing Brush Handle Mould, Ink Tray Mould, Dowel Mould, Tile leveling Mould with various shape and sizes.
    Core cavity material usually use:P20 (1.2311) , H13, 718H,2738...
    Mould base: Long Kee standard mold base, 
    Mould Components: DME/ HASCO standard parts.
    Surface treatment: According to product requirements, including skin texture, polishing;
    Runner options: 1. Cold runner 2. Hot runner 3. Cold runner + hot runner.
    We offer the following solutions to our clients in product development. As follows:
    1. The clients have roughly Plan of plastic chairs and a simple drawings. Our professional design engineers will be designed according to customer's ideas, is expected to 3-5 working days to complete product design, and delivered to the customer for confirmation.
    2. According to the clients demands, we offer up to 20 chairs photos for customer selected, which includes PC chair, beach chairs, folding chairs, children's chairs and so on.
    3. If clients provide design drawings or samples, we will produce according to the sample, Strictly control the size, do exactly the same.

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