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R&D Mould is a professional mould maker for commodity mould designing and manufacturing.
In the past decades of work, we have a better understanding of how to make a commodity mould. Compared with industrial moulds or auto parts moulds, the output of commodity moulds is huge. Therefore, how to design and make a high production efficiency and beautiful product appearance moulds are extremely important.

Regarding the mould design:

1. We will accord the product material ,shape ,wall thickness ,cavity numbers to make mold-flow analysis ,check where have the defects, then improve the product.

2. We will base on customer provide technical sheet ,have a technical meeting and discuss:
How to make the mould layout;
How to design the cooling system to achieve uniform and rapid cooling effect;
What kind of steel and standard parts will use, especially for the slider, eject block, angle lift and other movement part;
For the mould with large output, we will choose copper graphite guide sleeve, good guidance system, which is conducive to the long-term production of products without eccentricity, and the parting line is consistent.

3. When we make manufacturing, we will choose deep gun machine to drill the holes, and high speed CNC machine to make the tooling, to ensure all the element are within tooling tolerance.   

4. For the part appearance finish, hand polish is too important to ensure the mould surface long-time shining.

5. We will refer to the normal production requirements of all molds, do 2 hours of non-stop production.

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